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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Celebrity Pictures

Ghanaian Playwright Uncle Ebo Whyte

The Indefatigable Playwright, Mr. James Ebo Whyte, popularly known as Uncle Ebo White, was last week Saturday, January 22, 2011 captured by my lenses when he chaired the wedding reception of a Ghanaian actor and friend Harold Amoa at the SSNIT Guest House in Accra.
Some of the productions he has to his credit are: "Mom is Dad, Dad is Mom", "The Devil in The Mirror", "Unhappy Wives, Confused Husbands", "The House of Secrets" and "Terms of Divorce" among many others.

Celebrity Pictures

Ghanaian Gospel Music Diva, Cindy Thompson

Ghanaian Gospel Music Diva, Cindy Thompson was spotted elegantly dressed at a friend's wedding on Saturday January 22, 2011 in Accra. She hinted that although her new album is already receiving airplay, she and her team are currently busily working on the marketing aspect.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Road Crash January 25

Some passersby looking on just after some injured commuters had been taken to the hospital

In spite of the worry that has been expressed by many Ghanaians about the INCREASING spate of road crashes in the country, especially since the beginning of this year (2011), the carnage on our roads seems very far from over.
Early Tuesday morning at 7am, this 207 Benz bus with passengers heading for their business of the day overturned at Paloma Hotel in Accra, injuring all passengers on board. It is still not clear what caused the accident but when I got to the scene just when the crash had occurred, passersby and the police were helping ferry the injured to hospital, while some of the injured were visibly shaken by the crash.