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Monday, June 12, 2017

Kung Fu fighting

By Edmund Smith-Asante
The Legend of Kung Fu is the only Chinese show that holds daily residential performances both in China and abroad.
Since July of 2010, the show has simultaneously been performed daily at the Red Theatre in Beijing and the White House Theatre in Branson, MO, a newly purchased theatre of China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts Co., Ltd (CHC), a company based in Beijing which created the show, thus becoming it the most famous Chinese brand production in the international commercial show market.

Young kung fu fighters mimicking the monkey. PICTURE BY EDMUND SMITH-ASANTE 

Chun Yi focusing on his mission by playing the wooden object. PICTURE BY EDMUND SMITH-ASANTE      

Caught up in the kung fu fever.

Entralled Chun Yi loses focus.   PICTURE BY EDMUND SMITH-ASANTE

Fighting with cutlasses. PICTURE BY EDMUND SMITH-ASANTE

It is time to display the antics of the mantis. PICTURE BY EDMUND SMITH-ASANTE


Picture with some of the actors after the show.   

Some of the amazing props. PICTURE BY EDMUND SMITH-ASANTE

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